How Can QR Code Marketing Help Your Business?

How Can QR Code Marketing Help Your Business?

  • Targeted word-of-mouth style promotion
  • Your message delivered by genuine customers to their friends
  • Harnessing the power of Facebook, Twitter or Google+
  • Ideal for businesses that need repeat custom and where opinions matter¬†

QR codes are not that new, however they are under-utilised for their greatest purpose – marketing. We’ve all seen the advertising billboards with huge QR codes on that lead us to a web page or offer, and you can do that too. But, the QR Code Marketing and voucher marketing programme uses QR codes to make it easy for your customers to spread your message.

Often we wonder if reviews in the local news, or magazine pieces for local restaurants, or local shops, aren’t the slightest bit tainted by bias, but with the rise of social networks like Twitter and Facebook, people are giving out their genuine opinions more than ever. As a business, you should want to encourage that, but sometimes you might feel that when somebody praises you on Facebook, you might never know about it, or worse still, the people they are telling don’t know how to get in on the action! With our QR codes, the customer will tell their friends and acquaintances all about your business, and you can make sure that your business website or Facebook page are linked, and that the message you want to spread is the one they are spreading.

bottling the old technique of word of mouth

Now imagine that you have just 10 customers per day, and you give out vouchers to each customer. Yes, you are giving 10 things away, but you’re encouraging the repeat custom of 10 people and those 10 people will share your message to all of their friends or followers. Let’s say just 30 people read the shared message, that is advertising to 300 people from 10 customers. You are really bottling the old technique of word of mouth, turning it on its head and emptying the bottle of everything it has got! ¬†Now imagine you’ve done this to all of your happy customers in one month. How many people do you think you could reach?

If your business is a service that can have lots of repeat customers, for example, a restaurant, a barber shop, a beautician, a market trader, a butcher, the list could go on… well you could benefit greatly from our QR Code marketing scheme. The same applies if your business or service very much relies on the word of mouth getting around, then this scheme will accelerate those mouths in to talking!

Find out how it all works here, or if you are raring to go already, contact us now and tell us about your business and what you need help with!

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